So, what is wordthy?

This pet project came about after realising just how many pieces of scrap paper (last count at 17604) I’ve used to pen down quotes that I come across during my days.

Words may be cheap, as some say. But I never underestimate the power of them either. The idea of stringing individual words into a sentence that makes sense, and could possibly even move you, is kind of romantic. And I, am a romantic. wants to share worthy quotes that anyone picks up and is willing to share. Quotes can be taken off books, websites, interviews, movies or even your own*! Afterall, sharing is caring.

1) Have a quote in mind that you’d like to share

2) Get creative as to how you’d like that quote to be seen/presented (note: only soft copy entries will be accepted at the moment)

3) Send that quote over to

4) Attachment can be in PDF or JPEG format

5) Wordthy will update the site once a week with new contributions

6) It’s done!

This site is used purely as a medium to share things people like/found. Should owners find their work on wordthy and would like to be mentioned or have the work removed,  Wordthy will happily do so.


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